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This is Folk Rap

This is Folk Rap

Genre: Rap Release Date: October 07, 2016 This is Folk Rap

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    Release Date: 10/7/2016 12:00:00 AM Genre: Rap

This is Folk Rap

WORLD ASHTRAY 4:39 $ 2.00 | BUY
F-U-E-G-O 3:30 $ 2.00 | BUY
THE FUNKSHUN 4:38 $ 2.00 | BUY
MOVE SOMETHING 4:39 $ 2.00 | BUY
MEDICINE 3:59 $ 2.00 | BUY
McLUVEN 4:38 $ 2.00 | BUY

A smooth energetic aura combined with sweet songs and lyrical tenacity, NiGE HOOD is gaining momentum with fans who share his free-spiritedness and love of Life. His charm and eccentric style captures your attention, but his song content commands it. The spirit of his music he calls Folk Rap is rooted in uplifting us all and having a good time. NiGE puts these concepts into catchy songs that provide listeners comfort, energy, and a heightened love of self. NiGE HOOD’s ability to uplift the listener and write honest lyrics makes him both respected and lovable. An ideal artist to reign in a new age of hyper-expressionist Hip-Hop.

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